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                Duties of Scientific ResearchOffice
                2014-06-10   审核人:   (Clicks:)


                1. Carrying out the scientific research policies of CPC, organizing and outlining the program for its long- and medium-term scientific research development of GIT, and formulating annual scientific researchwork plan and implementing it.

                2. Establishing and perfecting the rules and regulations of scientific research.

                3. Organizing the argumentation, application and establishment of various scientific researchprojects, development and cooperation.

                4. Conductingthe application and management of national and provincial scientific research projects and achievements.

                5. Organizing and coordinating the management about projects,achievements and information in theofficeandenhancing the efficiency of scientific research management.

                6. Strengthening the self-construction ofscientific research, clearing thestaff duties, improving the ideological and political work and offering policy advisory services for teachers and researchers of GIT.

                7. Responsible for handling daily affairs of the academic committee of GIT;

                8. Completing other tasks assigned by the superiors.

                Address:Guizhou Institute of Technology  1st, Caiguan Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. zip code: 550003 ICP file number: ICP 13005433, Guizhou

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